Pakistani client came to negotiate steel plant cooperation

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  June 1, 2020, Pakistani client called Mr. Sauod Waseem came to visit our company and arranged with concrete cooperation matters concerned.


  This client is one of the largest refractory supplier in Pakistan. During this round of talks, the two sides held a discussion on on the steelmaking refractories and reached a consensus.


Pakistani client came to negotiate steel plant cooperation


  There was a very good atmosphere at this talks and the participants believed movement forward about providing steel refractory solutions for Pakistan's largest steel plant was possible.


  This trip, Mr. Saoud also visited to our refractory production line, and had a further understanding of our technology development and production capacity. Subsequently, the two sides would be embarked on the cooperation mentioned previously.


  As the industrial refractory solutions leader, Hitech Material Group have always thought that it's important to build mutual-belief cooperation culture.


  We will be creating even higher value for clients with the high quality products and excellent service.