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What are the influential factors of the converter's service life?

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  Combined blowing technology can effectively shorten the time for steelmaking and enhance the liquid steel quality, In the meantime, the corrosion of the converter refractories is accelerated, the various parts of converter are damaged by different conditions.


  What are the influential factors of the converter's service life?


  1. Composition of slag


  An increase in the Fe₂O₃ content of slag by 1% reduces the service life by 18~20 times; If the MgO content or alkalinity is higher, the linings erosion is lower.


  2. Tapping temperature


  The result shows that the higher the tapping temperature, the lower the service life is. Above 1600 ℃, service life can be reduced a twofold when temperature increases 50 ℃.


  3. Smelting time


  The longer the blowing time obtains, lining erosion will be accelerated, service life and smelting time is inversely proportional.


  4. Discontinuous operation


  The temperature decreases when the furnace stops working and temperature rapidly soars while furnace starts up, which results great thermal shock, accelerating the erosion, in order to the service life of the linings is greatly reduced.


  5. Necessarily repair


  It would cause discontinuous damage of linings when the liquid iron and converter burden is added, so necessarily repairing should be pursued.

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